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Tasks Unlimited provides supported employment, housing and recovery services for people with mental illness so that they achieve a full life with the rights and responsibilities of adults in our society.


Grounded in the Fairweather Lodge Model, Tasks Unlimited supports mental health recovery by encouraging group decision-making and community living. By living and working as a group, program participants hold each other accountable in their mental health recovery.


Consistent, supportive employment is a key component to the mental health recovery process at Tasks Unlimited. Through Tasks Unlimited Building Services, program participants perform janitorial services, mailroom management and building maintenance to businesses throughout the Twin Cities.


Nothing bolsters self-esteem like having a meaningful role in your world. And, self esteem broadens one’s vision of what is truly achievable in life.

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Building Services

Tasks Unlimited Building Services provides award-winning janitorial service, mailroom support, remodeling assistance and outdoor maintenance to federal, state and county agencies as well as private businesses.

Mental Health Services

In addition to supported employment and housing services, Tasks Unlimited offers a variety of additional benefits to support program participants.

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Jul 16 2018

Meet Herman

Home / Blog Herman recalls how he was struggling when he came to Tasks Unlimited over 15 years ago. “When I came to Tasks I was struggling mentally. I was drinking and...